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5 Tips for Ensuring the Survival of Your Teeth This Halloween

October 31, 2023

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A family enjoying Halloween with good oral health

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year, filled with costumes, decorations, and more sweet treats than you can shake a broom at. While indulging in candy is a beloved tradition, it’s important to remember that you need to prioritize your oral health, even during this sugary season. Continue reading to find seven tips to ensure a mouth-healthy Halloween.

1. When in Doubt, Choose Chocolate

Not all candies are created equal when it comes to their impact on your teeth. Sticky, gummy, or hard candies that melt in your mouth over time can be especially harmful.

Chocolate and its antioxidant-rich cousin, dark chocolate, are the best treat to eat to keep your teeth somewhat healthy.

2. Use Candy as an Appetizer or Dessert

Enjoy your Halloween treats in moderation. Limit the number of candies you consume in one sitting and try to enjoy them alongside a meal. This can help reduce the time that sugar lingers in your mouth, especially if you’re drinking water as well.

3. Stay Hydrated and Swish

Speaking the name of water has summoned it to our realm. Drink plenty of H2O throughout the day, particularly while enjoying Halloween sweets. Swishing water helps wash away sugar and food particles, reducing the risk of them sticking around to cause tooth decay.

4. Brush and Floss After Eating Your Fill

After gorging yourself on Halloween treats, be sure to brush your teeth for at least two minutes using fluoride toothpaste. Don’t skip flossing! This helps remove trapped food particles and sugar between your teeth.

5. Hop on Your Broom for a Trip to the Dentist

After Halloween, consider scheduling a dental checkup. Your dentist can assess your oral health and provide a professional cleaning to remove any lingering sugar and plaque. While you may have been diligent about brushing, sometimes the shadows of gummies can remain in the dark corners of your mouth.

By following these tips, you can enjoy Halloween to the fullest while safeguarding your oral health. A mouth-healthy Halloween ensures that you can continue to enjoy many more spooktacular seasons year after year.

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Shively is a bright, friendly, and talented dentist with years of experience helping patients from all backgrounds with different dental needs. He received his dental doctorate at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and has since then continued to improve his skills with over 600 hours of continuing education. To schedule an appointment at Kevin Shively, DMD, PLLC – Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, call (806) 698-8660 or visit the website to learn more. Be sure to show him pictures of your costumes!

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