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Teeth and Taxes: 3 Good Reasons to Invest in Your Smile

April 3, 2024

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April has arrived with rain showers, blooming flowers, and most importantly of all; taxes! April 15th is the last day to submit your information to get your refund. Many people look forward to spending their return on expensive shopping sprees or exotic vacations, but these aren’t always long-lasting investments. If you’re looking for wise ways to spend your return check, why not consider putting it towards your dental health? Keep reading to learn 3 excellent reasons to use your extra income to benefit your smile!

Reason #1: Insurance Costs

If you have dental insurance, you’re probably already aware that most plans come with a deductible. That means there’s a certain amount that you’ll have to pay before insurance coverage kicks in. If you’ve been holding off on certain treatments because you couldn’t afford this payment yet, then now is the perfect time to move forward!

Not only that but if you don’t have dental insurance, the boost in your budget is a great incentive to purchase a policy. Keep in mind that there’s a monthly fee just to have access, in addition to the larger deductible amount. Now that your pocket has a little extra cushion, it’s a great time to shop for insurance that meets all your dental needs.

Reason #2: Cosmetic Treatments

Unfortunately, most dental cosmetic services aren’t covered by insurance providers because they’re intended to enhance your appearance rather than protect your oral well-being. If you’ve been frustrated by flaws in your pearly whites but haven’t been able to afford repairs, now’s your chance! You’ll finally have the capital you need to indulge in whitening, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers to perfect your grin. By spending your tax refund this way you can wave goodbye to stains, chips, cracks, gaps, and crooked teeth. You’re not likely to experience any buyer’s remorse when you can show off a perfectly restored smile.

Reason #3: Prevent Expensive Problems

If you’ve avoided routine checkups because you couldn’t afford them, then you may have cavities, gum disease, or other issues that you aren’t aware of. Unfortunately, dental problems don’t typically resolve themselves and only get worse in time. If you don’t pay to have them addressed now, you’ll likely need more complex and costly procedures later to mend the damage. For example, you could have a cavity that needs to be filled before it spreads and requires an emergency root canal.

As you can see, there are many wise ways to invest in your smile this spring. Now that you have some additional income, contact your dentist so you can put it to good use!

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Shively loves helping people of all ages build and maintain happy, healthy teeth. He earned his dental doctorate at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and has since committed to more than 600 hours of continuing education at the world-renowned Dawson Academy. He and his dedicated team are committed to providing a wide range of top-quality services to meet all your dental needs. Using state-of-the-art technology in a welcoming environment, they enhance patient comfort while simultaneously increasing treatment accuracy. If you’ve received your tax refund and would like an appointment, you’re welcome to request one on the website or by calling (806) 698-8660.

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